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Thread: Medela - Car Adapter (12v or 9v?)

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    Default Medela - Car Adapter (12v or 9v?)

    I can't believe I never knew that Medela offers a car lighter adapter for their pumps! I just saw it on Amazon for the first time. I've been spending tons of money on batteries for this monster and the power is dismal on the batteries. Ugh.

    So, I am going to buy the lighter adapter. The question is...they sell a 9v one and a 12v adapter on Amazon. Which one do I buy for the Medela PISA? How do I know?

    ~ Kelly

    ~ Kelly

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    Default Re: Medela - Car Adapter (12v or 9v?)

    Disregard. It says right on my pump..."Max 9vdc". I assume that "vdc" is the same as "volts".

    ~ Kelly

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    Default Re: Medela - Car Adapter (12v or 9v?)

    Yeah, you probably want the 9V. The 12V is for older pumps (pre-2008)? Check your manual or just look at the package.

    I use the 9V with my PISA. Have it right here next to me. And the manual for mine (bought this past year) also indicates the 9V adapter is the right one.
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