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    I have a 5mo baby girl, she is my 3rd child. My boys are 10 and 16. I tried breastfeeding both of them but failed miserably. I refuse to fail with this one. We have no formula in the house and I will NOT buy any. I'm worried that lately my milk is starting to not be as abundent. I used to pump because I was going to work one night a week, then I couldn't leave her so I stopped pumping. I tried to pump today and was not able to get anything. How can I increase my milk flow and insure that I will have enough untill she is ready to be done nursing?

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    Rest assured, I'm sure she is getting milk. Like the ladies will follow saying its all supply and demand. The more milk is removed the more milk you will make. So making sure to nurse frequently and making sure that she is emptying the breast before offering the other side is key. Anytime I feel as though my supply may be "dipping" I add a few extra sessions in during the day. I may skip her morning yogurt snack, and then the afternoon snack. Whatever that may be. My daughter is nearly 8 months old now. Before she was eating solids, say 5 months like your LO, I just added in more nursing time. We Co-sleep so I would co-sleep her nap, nurse during my dinner, whenever! She never turned away a boob, not really anyway, so I just tried to keep her attached as much as possible until I felt confident in my supply again. You must also be careful of over supply. That's why as soon as I felt I was back to good, I went right back to cue feeding. I'm an on demand mama, so I didn't have a "schedule" to fall back on, only hers. I would drink mothers milk tea and avoid certain herbs (peppermint, sage for example) during that period also. I always avoid certain herbs. I would pump at night too if I needed too. Don't put pressure on yourself to pump, start slow, you may get an ounce for a bit but it will increase. Your doing a good job mama, keep her nursing as much as possible, even if she isn't transferring milk, she is sending a signal that she's there, and that will tell your body it's milk making time! Keep a calm mind and know there's a job at hand. Not a big one, nothing you can't handle!
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    PP! How often is she eating day and night? How many wet diapers are you having in a 24 period? Pumping output is a pretty unreliable way to judge your supply, but if she's having 6-8 wet diapers and is happy, alert and meeting milestones, then she is doing just fine!

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