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Thread: Today is a good day!

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    Default Today is a good day!

    Today is a good day! First time in a long time I was able to log in! Frustrating but I'm okay.

    I am about to hit the 8 months nursing mark and I am so proud of myself! My cousin had a baby girl today and is wanting to talk to me about breastfeeding. I feel so awesome! That I will be able to help her, I've already directed her here but she hasn't joined yet.

    I have decided I want to become an IBCLC. It's what I was meant to do.

    Thank you again ladies for all of your help, my 8 month old is now 16lbs 8oz. I couldn't ask for a more healthy baby girl. This is because of this community. The love and support fed through this forum. I say it a lot because I'm a sap, but you ladies deserve an award. I am nominating the LLL as my charity for a local bar/gastropub's one year anniversary party. They are holding a vote for nominations and I hope to get many votes. The charity or group that gets the most donations receives all the money raised for the night. They are selling beers for $1 and every dollar is a donation. They will make no money on their beer that night. wish me luck ladies YOU deserve it!
    First time mommy

    I think I'm doing really well. Babies are amazing little creatures and every moment with her is a gift to me.

    I'm not political but don't mess with my baby or her meal!

    EBF <3 5 months old now
    Co-sharing sleep <3
    BLS when she gives us a thumbs up
    NIP, and she'll wean when she's ready

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    Default Re: Today is a good day!

    Yay for making it to eight months! That's great! And good luck with the charity drive!

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