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Thread: should you pump after nursing?

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    Default should you pump after nursing?

    Initially my son lost too much weight and I had to pump after nursing and supplemented until he was back on track. He is 4 weeks old now. However I have been trying to increase my milk supply. I am taking fenugreek and pump 2-3 times a day for 10 mins after nursing. I have been freeezing what I pump for when I return to work. Will pumping after nursing increase my supply? Should I continue to pump?

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    What is your goal for increasing your supply? Is it just to make sure you have enough when you go back to work? Are you worried that you are currently still on the low side? Pumping after a few feeds a day should have an effect on your supply, though it may be small. Just be careful not to overdo it, especially if you are still in those first few months. Oversupply can be a problem as well as undersupply.

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    It's a good idea to keep an eye on baby's weight gain as a signal of milk supply -- good job! Also messy diapers and contentment after nursing are good indications of milk supply. Babies this age typically do not nurse on any particular schedule, and they usually nurse 10-12 times (or more) in a 24-hour period. These sessions might be separated by a few minutes or a few hours, depending.

    Pumping more often and nursing more often will increase your supply. But pumping can sometimes not stimulate the supply as much as the baby can. And sometimes moms can inadvertently start to replace nursing sessions with pumping sessions, so that can be difficult.

    Have you thought of going to a La Leche League Meeting? These can be a great place to find ideas for how to manage newborns, weight gain, going back to work, etc.http://www.llli.org/webindex.html

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    Yes. Pumping after you nurse will increase your supply. You're telling your body that it needs to make more milk, to keep up with your LO. Pumping in the early weeks can be a bit dangerous because you don't want to be dealing with a massive oversupply, however it's at your discretion as to if you need the extra milk to build a stash or not. Are you still concerned about how much your baby is getting at the breast?
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