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    Unhappy Milk Bleb Help

    I have a 3 and a half month old precious boy, and for the last 3 weeks I have been struggling with a milk bleb on my nipple. I have tried the various positions, the pumping, and nursing frequently. I've done warm moist compresses, and nothing seems to work. Some days it is more painful than others, but I am ready for it to be gone. Do I need to see my doctor? I'm at a loss, and need help/advice. Thanks!

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    I just logged on to write about the same problem! I had a painful blocked duct in my right breast about 10 days ago that I resolved after 24 hours with a hot shower, massage, and bfing immediately after. But this little yellow spot on my nipple won't go away. It is irregular in shape and does not pop up when I squeeze, so I think it's a bleb not a blocked pore. When I squeeze milk does come out, but haven't seen any of the thicker milk they say should come out if it's resolved... going to go do a soak and massage behind the nipple, but I will be checking back in to see if anyone has any better advice.

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    I had a similar problem with my first. My biggest advice is: DO NOT scratch, pick, or poke at it. warm cloth, massage, nursing, extra lanolin,and time all helped me. In my case all my examining, poking, trying to make it go away kept it irritated and painful for way too long. When I finally just backed off and treated it gently it began to resolve.

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    Funny how different things work for different people. My experience was 100% contrary to Lehall's. The only way I could ever get a bleb to go away was to break it with a sterile needle.

    One thing I strongly advise against is going to the doc for this. If you're going to break this blister with a needle, you want to do it yourself. The doc cannot feel when then needle has gone too far. But you can!

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