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Thread: is this a growth spurt?

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    Default is this a growth spurt?

    My 4 week old son for the past 4 nights has wanted to nurse non-stop between the hours of 12 and 4 am. He nurses until he falls asleep. His nursing sessions are approximately 30 mins as he nurses on both sides. But he only stays asleep for 10 mins before he wakes up and wants to nurse again. When he isn't nursing he is really fussy and crying nonstop, similar to a colicky baby. At around 4 am he finally falls asleep, only if he is is laying on my chest in my bed. At that time he will sleep for 3 hours. I can't get him to sleep in his bassinet which is located right next to me. During the day he nurses every 2 to 3 hours which he always does. He doesn't seem as fussy during the day. He is gaining weight and has approximately 5 poops and 10 wets a day. Is this a growth spurt? How much longer should I expect this behavior? Any suggestions...getting really exhausted.

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    I bet you're exhausted!

    This could be a growth spurt. But if it doesn't ease up in, say, a week, I'd suspect either an ear infection, reverse cycling (http://kellymom.com/bf/normal/reverse-cycling/), reflux, or a weird expression of colic. He's right at the right age for colic, BTW: it tends to begin around 3 weeks of age.

    The first things I'd try are to nurse more during the day, co-sleep so that you get as much sleep as possible under the circumstances, and try to have him sleep more upright. If this is reflux, reclined positions will make it worse.
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    My son did the same thing around that age. He is 7 weeks now. My son will only sleep in the co-sleeperr
    If he lays on his stomache or side. I know its not what is recommed for sids but its all that works. One other thing you could try is massaging your breast as he nurses at the feeding before 12 to help move more fat filled milk in. it could just be a phase! Mine has grown our of it now. Good luck!

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    I would vote for a growth spurt. I'm sorry, I bet you're so tired. The early weeks can be totally exhausting. Lots of moms find that they get much more sleep if they co-sleep, so that could really help. For us, it was a lifesaver. My DS3 exhibited similar behaviour with not wanting to sleep at night at around the same age. Give it a couple weeks, and know that they change up their sleep patterns constantly. I wouldn't expect it to last too much longer! Good job on following baby's cues even if you are dead tired.
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    It sounds like cluster feeding to me. Which usually comes with spurts. I recommend handing the baby over after dinner and after feeding and taking a NAP before settling in for the night. That's what I used to do. My son would cluster feed from 12-5 am. And at that age we hadn't yet mastered side lye nursing so I had to basically be sitting up feeding him the whole time. I put pillows behind my back but it still sucked. But I always napped from 9-11 pm. And then the DH gave the baby back and We'd lay down together for an hour and then it began.

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    That is so tough, and I feel your pain! My 9 week old stayed up all night from 1 week-6 weeks old. My husband and I worked shifts with the baby at that point--he slept from 7pm-12am, and I slept from 1am-6am (well, I had to get up 2-3 times during that stretch to feed her). And some time around then, it finally changed, and Lila demonstrated that she'd happily stay asleep during the night hours as long as she was sleeping on Mommy! So I just started taking her to bed with me at 10 pm, and she nursed down to sleep. Bedsharing is the only thing that gets me more than 3 total hours of sleep a day! Lila does not have consolidated "nap" sleep during the day ever, so I couldn't even catch up by napping during the day. I highly recommend trying for a safe cosleeping environment while your baby is going through this, and just remember that their sleep and feeding patterns will change often!

    My daughter has cluster fed every day of her life since birth--a growth spurt for her just means I cluster feed for 18 hours instead of 5-6. The time of day has shifted to a more manageable one. It was usually 7pm-2am when she was in her all night waking phase, and now it is 5pm-10pm. My doctor said they need time to start making melatonin, and once that happens, a lot of babies will start responding to daylight cues and shifting their sleep.

    Hang in there! It feels awful now, but it will get better! Cluster feeding is great for keeping up supply, which I tell myself every time I settle in for my marathon session.

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