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Thread: Breast Milk/Formula Weaning

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    So I just had my daughter on 01/09 and I ended up with a c section (long story). The first night at the hospital I had a bit of colostrum come in and I breastfed it to her but she didn't seem satisfied and kept crying. I also had problems with her latching on because my nipples are flat. I was so emotional already with everything that happened before that I gave into giving her formula. On the next day, I could tell I wasn't comfortable with the formula and it's really not what I wanted for her so I kept asking LC to come to my room for help on how to latch, supply, etc. They gave me a nipple shield and it was horrible.... my daughter has such strong suck (TMI) that she sucked my nipple through the holes of the shield with blood and skin attached to it. I kept wanting to try after that but realized that if I could just give her the milk it would make all the difference for her health. So I've been formula feeding mixed with breast milk for now until I can build up my supple enough to just give her ALL breast milk. I'm thinking of making lactation cookies, does anyone know a really good recipe? Any other advice how to replace my formula all in total in the future?

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    Wow, c-section can be really tough! My firstborn was a c-section and I didn't know that having a c-section can make it harder to get breastfeeding started.

    So know that this is common after a c-section to get breastfeeding started.

    It is definitely possible to build your supply enough to give all breastmilk. Do you have any other medical issues that might make that difficult? You might consider calling a La Leche League Leader or Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) who can help with specific, potentially complicated problems.

    Is she latching now?

    Are you using a hospital-grade pump (the kind you rent)? These are necessary for building a milk supply. Consumer-grade pumps (like the ones that you buy), even electric double pumps, are not enough for building milk supply; they are designed to maintain a well-established milk supply.

    As far as replacing formula--

    - Number of ounces of formula a baby needs is more than the number of ounces of breastmilk a baby needs. Keep that in mind as you're cutting down -- it won't be one ounce formula for one ounce breastmilk.
    - It probably will happen gradually, a little at a time.
    - You may consider contacting a LLL leader or IBCLC for help with this.

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