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Thread: Vitamin D drops

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    Default Vitamin D drops

    Do we really need them? I'm a little concerned since my baby was born into the darkest, coldest months of the year and gets almost no sunlight.

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    Default Re: Vitamin D drops

    I'm Canadian. So over the winter my girls don't get much natural sunlight. However milk in Canada has Vitamin D added. For the babies while nursing, I've given it. Although I admit that I'm not regular with it. I give it when I remember. I know I don't get enough natural vitamin D, but I do get it via my prenatal vitamins and in milk. I wouldn't want my babies to be deficient. IMO, it's worth giving.
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    Default Re: Vitamin D drops

    I give baby D drops. 1 tiny drop on the nipple before feeding-easy! I live in the Middle East where there is lots of sun but they still recommend to take it here-I guess we try to avoid the sun here.

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    Default Re: Vitamin D drops

    It can't hurt and may help, so why not?

    A vitamin D supplement is especially important if you or your baby are darker skinned people, or if you spend most of your time indoors- and most of us do!

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