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Thread: 4 week old really fussy!!

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    Default 4 week old really fussy!!

    My 4 week old daughter has been really fussy the past couple of days and wanting to nurse all the time! I am concerned that i may not be producing enough milk,

    But at the same time I think it might just be comfort nursing, something i ate she does not like, or that she may be feeling sick (my husband has come down with flu like symptoms and two of our friends have informed us within the last week they have the flu or phenomena)!

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    Default Re: 4 week old really fussy!!

    Is baby pooping daily? Weight gain normal as far as you know? Those are good signs all is OK. Fussiness and wanting to nurse constantly is entirely normal at this age.

    Rest up to try to avoid getting ill yourself, that is much more likely than your baby getting anything. Even if you do get sick, you can keep right on nursing of course, but life is just so hard when a new mommy is sick!

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    Default Re: 4 week old really fussy!!

    Fussy and wanting to nurse all the time are par for the course with such a young baby.

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    She is having regular pee but is only having 1 maybe 2 bm a day and having normal weight gain...
    Hubby is feeling better today so hopefully he is on the downward sloop of being sick and he cleaned/bleach/Lysol the house for me

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