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Thread: Breastfeeding and supplementing 3 month old baby..

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    Hello to all mothers. I need some advise witch formula should i choose for my baby. I still breastfeeding at night and few times a day, I wish i had enough breast milk, but unfortunate i don't, I tried everything to increase breast milk but... unsuccessful . so i started to supplement my baby with formula, tried enfamil newborn, gentle good start and fined out that my baby is allergic to cows milk protein, so doctor suggested Similac Alimentum, we tried it for over a month, and its looks that this formula not good too. Baby is very gassy and in pain, again I tried to switch to another formula, similac snsitive, its worse. Doctor keep saying my baby will outgrow it, but its hard to see your baby suffering. Any ides what other formula I can try to help my baby? Maybe soy formula?

    thank you!!
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    LLL is unable to recommend any brand of formula to you since the league has no knowledge about formula. That is a conversation best had with your doctor.

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    How frustrating this must be for you! I am sorry you are having this trouble, no one likes to see their baby so uncomfortable. But how wonderful that despite not being able to make enough milk, you are still nursing 'part time.' This gives your baby so many wonderful benefits, both your milk and the time at the breast. Whenever I talk to a mom with low supply, I hope they will understand nursing does not have to be 'all or nothing.' That there are important benefits for every drop of momma milk and every minute at the breast.

    Yes djs.mom is correct, LLL cannot recommend any particular formula. But perhaps we can help with some other ideas? For example, how is baby being fed the formula? Some IBCLC's I know suggest cue feeding and paced bottle feeding for clients who are supplementing. A baby's tummy is tiny so I am thinking that smaller, more frequent bottles-more similar to breastfeeding, in other words, may help. see http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...astfedbaby.pdf

    As far as your own milk production, if you have tried everything you can without result of course we cannot help there with suggestions, but certainly we can help with our support. I hope you had assistance from a breastfeeding helper, and/or read the book Making More Milk.
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