It's really not important whether you're a SAHM or a WOHM. What's important is finding a sleep/work/nurse balance that works best for everyone in the house. For some mom/baby pairs that's going to be to continue nursing on demand for as long as baby wants, for others that's going to mean mother-led weaning well ahead of baby's timetable.

You can definitely nurse just part-time. You can nurse at night but not during the day or vice versa, and you can keep whichever nursing sessions work for you. It sounds like the other night nursing might have meant more sleep for everyone! if you choose to nurse tonight, there will certainly be milk there for your baby. Maybe not a huge amount, but some. It might take her 2 breasts to be satisfied, and she might get less than she's accostomed to getting- but whatever you give her will help her go back to sleep. After a year, night nursing is usually not about food as much as it is about comfort.

Drying up is very individual. It can take a very short time or a very long time, depending on the mom. I was able to express a small amount of milk for several months after weaning my first child, and some moms can get milk many months or sometimes even years after weaning.

I would avoid bottles at night. Milk from a bottle can pool in the mouth, and that can cause tooth decay. (This isn't a problem with nursing babies because they must swallow in order to maintain milk flow, and the constant swallowing more or less eliminates the pooling of milk in the mouth.)