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Thread: made it this far (5 months) but I'm feeling discouraged

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    Default made it this far (5 months) but I'm feeling discouraged

    I just love LLL and have been reading these forums for months now, but finally I've reached a point of needing some help.

    When my daughter was born, she had a bad case of jaundice and I struggled with feeding her but I wouldn't give up! I stayed in the hospital and fed her every 2 hours. The hospital fed her formula behind my back, and then my dr. labeled her with failure to thrive because she lost so much weight. By 3 weeks she wasn't back at her birth weight yet. We began to supplement, and I called a LC for help. She worked with me on the latch, and put me on power pumping sessions every time I fed the baby. Nothing worked. I took herbs (fenugreek) and drank tea, ate lactation cookies, and finally ended up with Domperidone. Domperidone was the only thing that somewhat helped, but I still couldn't produce more than 2 oz every 3 hours. I have been able to keep that going for so long but I was riddled with mastitis, which is shocking because my supply is just so low!

    Finally here I am, with even lower supply after fighting mastitis. I am now probably producing only an ounce at a time out of both breasts. I did some reading and saw that mastitis can happen from being Anemic!! I was anemic when pregnant, and no doctor took the time to see if I still was. Also I have a blood genetic trait called Alpha thalassemia trait, which makes me perpetually anemic. My guess is that perhaps this could be the cause of my severe low milk supply? Anyone have any thoughts on that? I'm going to start to take iron supplements now to see if that helps, but my fear is it's too late. I really don't want to give up. I so wanted to nurse my baby

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    Default Re: made it this far (5 months) but I'm feeling discouraged

    Hey mama! I don't have any idea about the low iron, sorry. Just wanted to check in and see how things are going. Have the iron supplements helped? It sounds like you've worked so hard. Hang in there
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    Default Re: made it this far (5 months) but I'm feeling discouraged

    Can I get some more information? How do you know how much you are producing? Are you always pumping and bottle feeding? 2oz per feeding is actually pretty normal. What make you think that number has gone down? Also Can I get her weight stats? Birth till NOW? How many wet diapers a day are you getting?

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    Default Re: made it this far (5 months) but I'm feeling discouraged

    Hi I also have alpha thal trait, in fact all of us (hubby & my 6 mo baby).
    I dont think that has any issue in relation to bfeeding and supply, not for me. If anything I have massive oversupply & OALD in my early months and even now I leak when LO changes his pattern.we are now 6 mo EBF and I cant ever pump once witho creating oversupply. Hope it helps.

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