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Thread: Lipstick Shaped Nipples BEFORE Breastfeeding

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    Default Lipstick Shaped Nipples BEFORE Breastfeeding

    My natural shape is more slanted (like a lipstick tip) and I'm wondering if this
    contributes to the soreness I went through with my first two babes???? Anyone have some good advice I can follow before baby #3 arrives in a few weeks?

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    Default Re: Lipstick Shaped Nipples BEFORE Breastfeeding

    Hmmm, this is a new question for me, but my instinct is it really does not matter much what a mothers nipples natural shape is when it comes to comfortable latch. (with the exception of inverted nipples)

    Not knowing any more about what you experienced before, here is what I suggest

    consider seeing a board certified lactation consultant prior to baby's arrival for advice and assessment.
    consider different nursing positions. Laid Back positioning aka Biological Nurturing often helps with sore nipples
    Temporary edema due to intravenous fluids during labor can make the breast unnaturally full and firm and thus, latch much more difficult.
    Engorgement will do the same thing. so you could consider ways to reduce edema and or engorgement. Nursing very often is one simple way to help, others are things like reverse pressure softening, lying on your back so fluids drain away from the breast, there are many others

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    Default Re: Lipstick Shaped Nipples BEFORE Breastfeeding

    with LLLMeg.

    I do wonder, however, if the reason your nips are lipstick-shaped is that they have an adhesion under the skin that holds one portion of the nipple more flat. That could explain the shape and also the pain- if there's anything that is preventing your nipple from being pulled all the way out, onto the sweet spot on the back of the tongue, that could be causing pain. Aiming for the best latch every time might help, if this were the problem.

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