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Thread: Start rice cereal?

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    I have to say, it takes a special person to breastfeed and to continue to do for the health of the baby. Personally, I do it and plan to do it until my daughter wants to wean because I'm not ok with giving her second best. Formula will never be as good as breastmilk, and despite my own schedule and comfort, I will make that sacrifice for her because I am her mother and I love her. No conversation is as important as feeding my daughter my breastmilk. No outing or company will ever win over our nursing sessions, because in 20 years when I'm looking back at what kind of mother I was when she was little, I will be able to say that I sacrificed those things because I love her and I promise, I will never miss them for it. Some women are willing to do that for their child, some moms are ok with second best and believe that their social lives or themselves in general are more important than their child. Your choice,what kind of mother are you? Of course, it does take maturity to make that decision.

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    While I'm sure your in laws mean well, their information is based on horribly outdated, formula feeding information.

    Years ago, cereal was added to bottles of formula. This is now known as a choking hazard.
    Cereal was added as early as 7 weeks of age. This is now known to be MUCH too early as the baby's digestive system is not mature enough at that tender age.
    "Solids" will not help the baby sleep longer as was widely thought.
    "Interest in food" is most often just misunderstood. Their interest is in whatever you're interested in. Let them hold a spoon while you eat, they'll be happy as a clam.

    Breast feeding is nutritionally complete, 100%.
    Breast feeding is natural and there is no reason to hide. If you're uncomfortable, practice in front of a mirror and you'll see that you're really not showing anything.
    If other people are uncomfortable, that's THEIR problem, not yours.
    Breast feeding is recommended to go to AT LEAST a year, preferably 2 years old and beyond, as long as Mother and Baby are willing and happy together.
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