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Thread: Should I make a proactive change?

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    Default Should I make a proactive change?

    I feel like I have posted a million times since I started back to work last week. Sorry!!

    Here's my dilemma today. I am away from my 5 month old LO for about 9 hours a day when I work. I am managing to pump about 10oz while I'm gone. She is (finally!!!) taking a bottle with the nanny and is eating about 5oz every 3 hours. I can talk to the nanny about backing off a little more but it looks like she is going to need at least 1.5 oz per hour I'm gone and I'm not seeing that output with the pump. I hate to just wait and see if things get better/worse even though it's only been a few days. I'm afraid that I'm going to blow through my minimal freezer stash pretty quickly.

    I pump every 2.5 hours for 20-30 minutes and I'm doing breast compressions. It seems like I'm pumping a "normal" amount and my LO is eating a "normal" amount but I'm already falling behind. I know that my goal is to pump one day what my LO will eat the next but I can't seem to.

    So, should I take a proactive step now or wait a bit longer to see what happens? Should I rent a hospital grade pump? (I use a medela PISA) Should I start fenugreek? I guess I can try to pump some at home too but I have three other kids who need lots of my time too : ) Any thoughts would be welcome. TIA!!!
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    Default Re: Should I make a proactive change?

    Two things come to mind right off the bat. Number one, cut the bottles back to 4 oz MAXIMUM. Start with a 3 oz bottle with a 1 ounce topper IF NEEDED. If you're leaving fresh milk, leave them in 3 ounce bottles. If you're leaving as frozen, freeze in 3 ounce amounts with 1 ounce frozen available as a topper. If you're getting resistance from your nanny, check out these two links from Kelly Mom, which also have some stuff you can print out and go over with her, and have generally useful information for how nanny should be feeding your baby:

    Think of it this way: baby needs 24 - 32 ounces/24 hours. So if she is taking 1.5 ounces per hour over the whole time, that would be 36 ounces, which would be more than she would need. You are already OVER 1.5 ounces per hour if you're apart for 9 hours and she's getting 15 ounces. 12 ounces would be more reasonable and would save you 3 ounces per day that you have to come up with - that can make a big difference!

    Second point, there are some mamas on here who have had really positive results stepping up from the PISA to the Medela Symphony (hospital grade). You have really good pumping frequency and time already so I think it would be reasonable to consider a hospital-grade pump.

    One last idea, are you pumping to/from work? That can be a way to add in some pumping time without taking time away from your other kiddos.

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    Default Re: Should I make a proactive change?

    I agree completely with the PP, great advice on scaling back bottle size. They will drink or drown from the bottle, so what they will willingly eat is not an indication of what they need. If you fill it more, sometimes they'll just eat more ... fill it less, and you might find they finish that smaller portion and are satisfied. You might need to give the nanny specific instructions as well -- like "Give 3 oz bottle, wait 10 minutes and try other comfort measures, then give 1 oz topper only if truly hungry."

    Big congrats on baby taking the bottle! I know you were stressed about it. Happy for you and your LO

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