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Thread: Initial latch pain

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    Default Initial latch pain

    My little guy is now 5 weeks and we have been EBF the entire time . We had a bit of a rocky start with cracked nipples which have subsequently healed and pain during the entire nursing session. The has definitely been an improvement in terms of comfort whilst he is nursing. I thought we'd never get here...

    However, I would like to know if he initially latches on and i feel pain, does that still mean that he had a poor latch. Because if i leave him for a few seconds, the pain disappears and nursing becomes pain free.

    What would your suggestion be? take him off and re-latch or just wait it out until the discomfort of the initial latch subsides?

    On another note, i have noticed that my left breast tends to leak more than the right breast. Does the leaking ever stop? I am also currently using disposable breast pads to catch the leaks. What is your opinion on these?

    Thanking you in advance

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    Default Re: Initial latch pain

    In the absence of other problems, like poor weight gain, blisters, or cracks, a short burst of pain when the baby latches on is generally nothing to worry about. It's sometimes called the "30 second sizzle," and it's the pain you feel when the baby's initial latch is a bit shallow, but after several sucks the baby's latch grows deeper as the nipple is pulled into the ideal position on the back of the tongue. Once the nipple is in the ideal position, the pain stops.

    Whether you relatch over this sort of pain is up to you. I'd try to aim for the best latch every time, but not worry too much if the pain is subsiding after a few seconds.

    Leaking usually subsides after a few weeks or months, once supply and demand are better matched.

    Disposable breast pads aren't the most environmentally friendly option, but they are usually fine for your nipples.

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