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    Hi everyone, I'm on my first business trip away from my son and am feeling very very uncomfortable and full. I used to have terrible oversupply, which was finally under control. I've only been away two days and I am just so full. I pump, massage, and hand express and I'm finding that I'm just engorged. I'm also back to producing a massive amount of milk (pumping 7-8 ounces a pump session). I'm not sure what to do: if I don't pump it out, I feel awful and am worried that I'll get clogged ducts. If I do pump a lot (which I've been doing), I'm back in my oversupply mode.

    Any idea what may help? I miss my baby!

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    Try pumping just enough to relieve the engorgement sensation, without completely draining your breasts. Or just do hand expression at least some of the time to relieve engorgement and take care of budding clogs without pumping.

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