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Thread: STTN @ 3 mos

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    My LO is 12 weeks old today. For the past week or two she has started to STTN. I am thankful to get more sleep but I am worried, when I wake up my breasts are full and painful. I sometimes pull her into the bed with me to nurse for a lil relief but she likes to sleep so won't stay latched for long. I end up having to pump for relief. Is this ok for her? And will my body get the signal to stop getting so full when she sleeps all night? She is gaining weight just fine, no medical problems and nurses probably 8 times during the day. I am trying not to pump everyday because I know my body will continue to make that milk if I do. Just curious if it will get better at night. I never had this problem with my first because she woke every 3-4 hours at night until 14 months.

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    The full feeling should improve but until it does, no harm in encouraging baby to nurse as you are doing or hand expressing a little as needed in order to avoid the pump. And don't be surprised if baby changes course and decides to nurse more at night again. Good your baby is nursing at least 8 times a day.

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