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Thread: Baby not gained enough weight and doctor has got me freaked

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    What about having baby assessed by an IBCLC to find out why baby is not transfering more milk-assuming milk transfer is the problem?
    Supplementing with anything while sometimes needed and helpful, does not solve the underlying problem, which appears to be that baby is not getting enough milk at the breast. If a baby is not getting enough milk at the breast, it is due to 1-not nursing often enough, 2-baby not nursing well enough (not able to get enough milk out per session) or low milk production-the milk is just not there, or not enough. or a combination of these.

    A good, experienced IBCLC could spend an hour or more with you and assess the situation. She cannot overide a doctors order, but certainly she should be able to help you figure out what is what here.

    If you have to supplement, of course it is better to do so with your own milk when possible. What type of pump are you using? pump type/age etc, often makes a difference in what a mother can pump.

    I don't know if you need to supplement or not, but again, there are ways to do it that are usually less impactful on breastfeeding going forward.

    I suggest you call your local LLL if possible. They may know what breastfeeding support options are available. You can also look up IBCLCs here http://www.ilca.org/i4a/pages/index.cfm?pageid=3432

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    I am totally unclear what the issue is, the doctor has asked me no questions at all about how feeding is going. I am feeding 10 - 12 times per 24 hours at least, sometimes more as baby sometimes asks for more half an hour after the last feed. I try to make sure she keeps feeding for 20mins at a time and have been using breast compression to try to keep her drinking well. She often falls asleep at the breast and I will wake her over and over to keep her feeding for longer. I haven't used a pump, just hand expressed and it's very slow going. Baby seems otherwise to be doing well, very alert, smiling, tracking movement with eyes, everything as I would expect. Doctor says I must be doing something wrong though.

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    ok well you are not doing anything 'wrong', that is ridiculous. If a doctor told me I was doing something 'wrong' by breastfeeding my child-or how I was breastfeeding-if he used that word-I would seek another doctor. Immediately.

    But weight gain is on the slow side and that has everyone worried. Is it a problem in this particular case? That I certainly cannot answer for you. Yes, some babies are perfectly healthy and getting enough milk, but are just slow gainers. But what if there is another issue-like tongue tie, for example? Not only would that mean it is difficult for baby to extract the milk so he gains slowly, it also will impact milk production-so the problem will get worse over time, potentially. Also, what if it turns out baby is getting plenty of milk, but gaining this slowly? That would possibly indicate an underlying heatlh issue that you would want to be aware of!

    Again my best suggestion is to seek local breastfeeding help from someone who really understands breastfeeding issues and what to do about them, and can help you figure out what is going on, if anything. Like an IBCLC.

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