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    I'm supposed to be going for an afternoon out soon and will need my baby to have a bottle, I've plenty of milk in the freezer but can not for the life of me get her to take it in a bottle, I have tried everything, slow flow, fast flow,giving it when she's hungry, half way through a feed, after a feed,heating the nipple, you get the idea!!! she won't take it from a syringe or cup I don't know what else to try?? she is 6wk old bf is fine supply is good so not worried about nipple confusion as it will only be 1 bottle evrty now and then. anyone got any ideas??

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    Are you trying, or is someone else? My sons will never take one from me, but have no problem with other people. In fact, they won't take a bottle from someone else if I'm in the room...they seem to know where the source is and not want a substitute. I would have someone else try while you are not physically in the house, even if you just go walk around the block.

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    thanks Ellen, my dh has tired but she just gags as soon as it goes in her mouth, we keep trying a dummy so she can get used to the different sucking motion and taste but gag on them too!!! its a nightmare

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    I read everything I could on the Internet and it did not help at all. Finally, one night I was coming home with her because she was due to eat and she started crying a few blocks from home. I got her inside and made a bottle up quick and she sucked it right down, still in her car seat actually. So everything they said was wrong for me. I read to nurse first then have my husband try a bottle and that I needed to leave because she would smell me, and that wasn't the case for her at all. Also, i didnt have a chance to really warm it up but she didn't mind. try different temperatures with your baby. I use dr. Browns wide mouth bottles. She likes them but I don't like that some milk can dribble out when they are upside down but we are going to stick with them. Try not to get to worried and relax and try what makes since to you. My baby was one month when I introduced, I'm not sure how old yours is but I've read the older they are the harder it is. Keep trying, you just have to find your baby's preference!

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