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Thread: Water...When and how much?

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    My 11 mo. old daughter has been exclusively breastfed up until now. We have slowly been doing baby-led weaning with fruits and veggies, but have not given her any water. I hope to breastfeed for a long-time and have my baby wean when she is ready. I am having a hard time finding definitive information on when an exclusively breastfed baby needs to start getting sippy cups of water...and how much per day? The only information I found says that thay don't need any supplemental water until age 1, but what are the requirements for after 12 months old? Thanks in advance!

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    I think the reason you're having trouble finding definitive information on when a baby needs water is because there isn't any. No-one has done the studies.

    Most moms introduce sippy cups with water in the second half of the first year. Both my kids got water sippies with meals by around 9-10 months, and it did not hasten their weaning at all, since DD1 nursed until age 3 and DD2 will probably go at least that long. I personally would start offering your LO a sippy now, with meals, and allow her to master that new skill. She'll probably continue to choose nursing when she's thirsty- breastmilk is yummy and water is... Well, water! But as she goes through her second year, there will be times when she'll drain the sippy and nurse, too.

    We talk about baby-led solids all the time- I think a baby-led approach works for liquids, too.

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