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    So my little girl was born 9 weeks ago and for the most part we've had a pretty good time with only a few hiccups here and there. these last few days she's gotten to be very fussy sometimes at the breast, acting like she wants to nurse but crying, pulling away(often times still latched on!) and kicking her legs. I tend to have a very forceful let down and over supply but up until now she seemed to be handling it well, so other than a few of the techniques to help OS (one sided feedings ect) there didn't seem to be any cause for us to change our routine too much. also, the last few days she's had an episode once a day where she'll be upset and I nurse to calm her and it's like she's having reflux and the fluid coming up, plus my milk going down and her trying to breathe cause her to choke and gasp 4-5 times before catching her breath, which of course causes her and me plenty of distress. what could have changed to make this happen?

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    hey, I don't really have any advise but just wanted to say my little girl does this she seems to gag and cough during and after feeding, she will fuss and clamp down on my nipple and pull back with it in her mouth v.painful. it scares me as she really struggles to catch her breath, even now 40mins after a feed and she is asleep she is gaging and coughing!!! hope its just a phase and it stops soon, i havevhad oversupply issues from the day my milk came in with seems to b settling down now so hope this stops!!!

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    Oversupply can wax and wane- perhaps you're in one of the temporary upswings?

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