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Thread: Baby Led Weaning: is it over?

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    Default Baby Led Weaning: is it over?

    Hello ladies. My little guy is 14 months. When he turned 1, I decided I was going to stop pumping at work and just see what happens, and not offer unless he wanted to nurse. At first we were still nursing when I got home, before bed, once over night and in the morning. Slowly, he stopped asking for the after work feeding. Very soon after that he stopped showing interest in the morning, and he started sleeping through the night.

    For the past few weeks we have been down to just the session before bed. Since then my breasts have shrunk a cup size, and I have not felt a let down, or even engorgement.

    The last few nights he would not stay latched. So I was under the assumption it must just be drops at this point. And 2 nights ago when he didn't really nurse at all when we attempted, I decided last night we were going to skip the nursing all together because I think he is ready.

    It went fine. He went to sleep and slept through the night without a problem. And this morning, my breasts are no different then they were yesterday. So I guess my question is, can I expect some kind of engorgement at some point, or since I weaned so slowly, will this pretty much be it? I can't seem to find any resources on this kind of slow weaning, amazingly enough. Most information is geared towards switching from BM to formula.

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    Default Re: Baby Led Weaning: is it over?

    Congrats Momma you made it! You may on occassion find a trickle or two may leak from you (generally in the shower) and if you attempted to you may even be able to hand express a few drops but you shouldn't expect anything crazy in the coming weeks other than increased fertility!

    Big hugs and high fives I remember feeling like I crossed a finish line with my daughter

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    Default Re: Baby Led Weaning: is it over?

    You should be fine, since you weaned in the ideal fashion: slowly! If you find yourself engorged at any point, feel free to express enough milk to restore comfort. As long as you're not completely draining the breast, your body will still get the message to decrease supply.

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