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Thread: I have a preemie and I don't think I'm producing enough milk

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    Default I have a preemie and I don't think I'm producing enough milk

    I had my little girl on Dec 29th and since the 30th I have been pumping, pumping, pumping. On average every 2 hours. My supply has gone fron 0-2 drops a pumping session to 4-6 drops a session, so my milk is increasing but I have heard by day 14 I should be producing enough to feed my
    little girl-I am no where close. I make about 3 cc a day. I just have no idea what I am doing wrong. The last couple of days I have actually attempted pumping every hour. This increased what I could give her because I had extra sessions. It seems like When I first start pumping I get a few drops, but never a flow of milk. I have tried massaging half way through, warm towels, warm showers, fenugreek, mothers milk tea and nothinh seems to do the trick. Also, I can only pump because my daughter has a feeding tube. I am using a hospital grade madelka pump. I am praying I will have enough supply before she comes off of the feeding tube. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: I have a preemie and I don't think I'm producing enough

    Does the hospital have a lactation consultant? Can you talk to that person and make sure you have a functional kit and that the flanges fit? If you're still producing so little, I'd look at mechanical problems first. Are your white membranes (on the yellow valves) in good shape? Those can be replaced. My first hospital pump malfunctioned and I had no idea. It wasn't providing adequate stimulation, but I had no clue until a different LC came in and noticed. Fortunately, that was on the second day, not the second week. Also, I have larger nipples and needed different flanges. I eventually ended up using a different brand of shield.

    Are you taking any meds? Are you by chance drinking mint tea? It takes a lot to diminish supply for some women, but I notice a supply dip with small amounts. I'm just sensitive to it. Sage can have the safe effect. Again, it's not likely, but something to keep in mind.

    Lack of sleep and stress can also contribute. How long do you go at night? You don't want to go too long, but a 4-5 hour stretch of sleep is a good thing.
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