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Thread: Away from 12 month old - supply questions

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    Hi everyone

    I have to go away (just during the day) for 4 days. I will approximately be away for about 12 hours a day.

    My 12 month old nurses 4-5x during the day, and 3-5x during the night. She will be missing most of her day time feedings.

    As of right now, she is about 90% breastfed. We have introduced solids, but she hasn't taken to them very quickly.

    I am worried about supply issues after missing so many nursing sessions. I will be pumping, but I never get much when I pump.

    Will my supply be low after being away? Or will the fact that we have been nursing for so long protect my supply for the days I am away?


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    Default Re: Away from 12 month old - supply questions

    There's no way to tell how 4 days of relying on the pump will affect you. On the one hand, you've been nursing for 12 months and that means your supply is not as fragile as when your baby was brand new. But on the other hand, all moms respond differently to hiatuses in nursing and to pumping in pls of nursing... I would simply pump as much as possible while you're gone, nurse on demand at night, and trust that your baby will be able to boost your supply back up when you get home.

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