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    Here's a silly question: Does skin to skin contact stop being a useful way to increase oxytocin and build supply? I feel like DS is going through a growth spurt at 6 weeks or that I have had a sudden drop in milk supply. He's been nursing constantly for the past 48 hours and my breasts always feel drained and never full, so I was hoping to help boost supply. Will skin to skin nursing help or has the ship sailed on that since he is 6 weeks?

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    I don't know that there's a thoroughly researched answer to your question. Skin-to-skin cuddling should always have a positive effect on oxytocin levels, at least in theory. But prolactin is the hormone that governs supply- oxytocin is associated with milk release (a.k.a. letdown), rather than milk supply. And the best way to get prolactin to increase is constant nursing.

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    Mommal has the technical stuff down way better than me, but I think we are thinking along the same lines-The way to build and maintain normal milk production is to remove milk from the breasts frequently (or rather have baby remove the milk)-as a healthy nursing baby will do, given the chance. At this age, baby would typically be nursing 10 times a day or more. I am not aware of s2s assisting directly with milk production, except to the extent that it encourages more frequent, effective nursing by baby and better recognition of/responsiveness to cues by mom. (It has other physiological benefits to infants.) Of course, s2s is never going to hurt anything either.

    If your baby is nursing frequently and effectively, it makes sense that your breasts would never feel full. When would they have time to feel full? Some mothers never feel much fullness and their production is fine. Plus as your milk production regulates, which it normally will start doing by this age, feeling less full than you did before is normal.

    Unless there is some reason your production has diminished (starting birth control for example) there is probably nothing to worry about. See this article for more about low milk production and what is and is not an indication of low supply: http://kellymom.com/bf/got-milk/supp...es/low-supply/

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