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Thread: Is this normal with BLS feeding

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    Default Is this normal with BLS feeding

    I have no idea how to introduce a baby to solids.... I have my third child and only one child liked to eat actual food as a baby. My first son took to eating well, my second child didn't eat really anything till he was a year old and 15 months till he ate what even could be considered a meal, and now my 10 month old DD barely eats anything. We started with the BLS at 6 months and have offered her a variety of foods, and the only thing she will actually eat a good amount of is crackers! I know breast milk will get her till her first birthday, but it was so hard to get my son to eat anything and I really want to avoid the battle. We always offer her food we we all sit down, and snacks too... most of it ends up in the dogs belly after she has a hay day throwing it on the ground..and if it isn't on the ground it is smashed on her tray or covering her lap. She will eat a few bites and then play... is this normal for her age?

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    Totally normal. Neither of my kids ate more than a few teaspoons of solids until around 14-15 months.

    As a wise mama here once advised me, your job is not to make your child eat. It's to model healthy eating habits and put healthy choices in front of her, and allow her to decide when to eat it, and how much to eat. Don't stress!

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