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Thread: Trouble Latching at 2.5 wks

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    Question Trouble Latching at 2.5 wks


    My son was born 11-3-06, and is now 17 days old. From the minute he was born, he has done remarkably well with nursing. He latched right on, and has done great until lately. He was born 5lb 6oz, then dropped to 4lb 8oz, and by 13 days old, he had regained his birth weight plus two oz. He has been exclusively breastfed. Well, within the last few days, he has become lazy when latching on...won't open his mouth all the way, and gets on there poorly. What can I do to encourage him to latch on better? I am starting to get sore again, which I only experienced when my milk came in...is there any advice? Thanks!

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    hi, and congrats on your little baby!
    I would try this:
    When lo begins to open mouth to latch, gentley help him open up just a little bit more by thumbing down on lo's chin. Also maybe try a different position or support your breast in a fashion that makes it easier for lo?

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    Hi & CONGRATS!!!

    I agree with the pp, but wanted to also add that if your LO isn't latched well...you should take him off immediately and try again until he latches well. I let my LO have a lazy latch just because it was easier and I was tired (in the middle of the night) - but I paid for it the next day or two by being very sore each time she nursed again on that side. It might be frustrating to have to keep unlatching & trying again until you get it right, but it will save you much pain in the long run.

    Good luck to you & your new baby! Congrats again!

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    Some mothers find that by saying "Open, open" and then opening their mouths, they can get the baby to imitate them. As Debi said, just keep relatching him every time he latches poorly. He'll get the hang of it. You don't want him to develop any poor latching habits
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