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Thread: Frustrating while BF =(

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    LO is almost 3 weeks now and I'm having trouble with BF. I think I might have an oversupply problem. LO is having a yellow/green stool, only feeding 5-10mins, sometimes when he is nursing, he would start to cough and unlatch. When he unlatch, i would be leaking so much. Before feeding, I would pump a little 1-2 oz because my breast was starting to hurt. When I feed on the right, my left would feel so full, and vice versa when I nurse on the left.

    I'm trying the block feeding now for 2 days. The leaking has stop a little bit. I haven't pump for the last 2 days.

    My question is, when can I pump again? I'm gonna be heading back to work in 2 weeks and want some milk so hubby can feed LO.

    This forum has helped me a lot!! Thanks in advance!

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    Welcome to the forum!

    If you have oversupply, you definitely want to get that under control before you get into a real relationship with your pump again. I would give the block feeding several days, at least. It might take longer for you to master it- I had to block feed for about 3 months, though many moms find that their response to block feeding is a lot faster than that.

    Once your supply is under somewhat better control, I would pick a single time of day to pump. A lot of moms pick the early morning, because that's when they tend to have the most extra milk. But for a mom with oversupply, it might make more sense to pump in the evening when supply tends to be a bit lower; that way there's probably less risk of sending your supply into overdrive again. Then pump every day at that same time, stopping after you produce the amount you need for the bottle your husband is going to give. That should be about 2-4 oz, BTW.

    When it comes to storing milk, you probably don't need to go crazy. There are working moms who build up freezer stashes of hundreds of oz and then realize that they'll never use it because they come home with plenty of fresh milk every day. You might want to consider building a stash that's just a few days ahead of what your baby will need, which will be about 1.5 oz per hour of separation.
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    I know your question was about pumping but since Mommal answered that very well I just want to address something else.
    At three weeks it can be quite normal to have more than enough milk. This is when your milk supply is still ramping up. Block feeding is okay to try, but I hope you are also nursing very frequently, and not on any particular schedule but rather when Baby cues and/Or you start to feel a little full. And trying other ideas for forceful letdown such as nursing in laid-back position. these things will probably help the forceful letdown aspect of what is happening and also allow your milk supply to be appropriate neither too much or too little. If you have not seen it already, Kelly mom.com has a good article on forceful letdown.

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    Thanks for the reply mommal and meg.

    What I'm describing, is it oversupply?

    @meg I am feeding when LO is wanting to nurse. Feeding on the same breast for 2 hrs, then the next breast, and so on.

    Another question, how do I know if LO is getting the milk if he's sucking on for 15-20 mins?

    Thanks everyone!

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    Here are some symptoms of oversupply:
    - Mom frequently feels "full" or engorged
    - Mom can pump multiple oz of milk with ease, if she is pumping
    - Mom may experience a strong letdown sensation
    - Mom may leak a lot
    - Baby may cough, gag, splutter, or make a clicking noise while nursing
    - Baby may feed extremely rapidly, in as little as 5-10 minutes
    - Baby may pull off the breast while nursing
    - If baby unlatches while nursing, mom may observe milk streaming or squirting from the breast
    - Baby may gain weight very rapidly
    - Baby's poops may be frequently or consistently green or greenish

    If a lot of the items on the above list apply, then you probably have some degree of oversupply.

    The best ways to judge milk intake are to watch diaper output and listen for swallowing. If baby is glugging away during feedings, and is having adequate wet/poopy diaper output, then you know he's getting milk.
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    What you described in our first post sounded like (possibly) forceful letdown. Which is what it sounds like- once the milk starts flowing, the milk comes fast. FFLD often accompanies overproduction but can happen without overproduction, especially in the early weeks. Forceful letdown is only a 'problem' if it is bothering you or baby. Same with overproduction.

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