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Thread: LO refusing to nurse while awake, extra clingy

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    Default LO refusing to nurse while awake, extra clingy


    LO is going to be 15 weeks tomorrow. Since the last week he refuses to nurse while awake. He catnaps during the day and stays up about 80-90 mins between naps. Of course by when he is overtired and fussing/crying. Fussing starts earlier, say by 50 mins post last nap,but he refuses the breast and cries in the cradle position. He had to be bounced upright to calm down. Then I attempt a latch again if he cries. He also yawns a lot by now. Finally latches in one of many attempts and sleeps. If i put him down in the crib or bed he wakes up rooting in 30 mins. So I sit on the couch with him asleep on my feeding pillow. This way he may sleep 1-1.5 hrs sometimes 2. He roots in his sleep and if i dont give the breast he wakes up crying. I started work this weeks but due to this behavior and him refusing a bottle from my mom am at my wits end. I took today off so I could deal with this.

    Please help!


    He eats his hand and also drools a lot.

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    Default Re: LO refusing to nurse while awake, extra clingy

    Hi, My LO has done some of the same things. It sounds like baby is teething, drooling, eating hand, some fussiness/sleepy. Good luck to you, mama. I can say, it does get better. Baby will get used to your mom, and then with her holding him, and giving him a bottle while you work. I hope it gets better real soon for you. Mine also seems extra clingy sometimes, but gets used to her caregivers and then is back to usual, happy baby.

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    Thanks mama.. Hope it does it better quick!
    Teething from what I read lasts 3-5 days before the tooth breaks in.. And it's already been a week...!

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