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Thread: pumping while nursing?

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    I really want to build up a milk supply for when I return to work in a few weeks (my LO is 3 weeks old). Is pumping the non nursing side an acceptable means to accumulate milk for storage if my LO seems satiated with one breast and has had good urine output and stools? I have been doing so during the day and collecting the significant letdown of my nonnursing breast at night in a milk saver and mixing it with the pumped milk to help even out foremilk/hindmilk. I'm getting about 8 ounces + surplus a day so far. Is this too aggressive a plan for pumping and storage? I want a large supply going into my return to work because my job occasionally requires 30 hour shifts and I routinely work 80 hours/week.

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    Are you a resident? If so, PM me and we can discuss the trials and tribulations of pumping in the medical field...

    I think that pumping the non-nursing side is a very smart way to accumulate a stash, if your LO is satiated on the other breast. The only thing I worry about is that you seem to have some degree of oversupply (8 oz in addition to nursing is a large amount) and that pumping may make this worse, and it may get unmanageable at some point. I might pump every other time, or something like that to not get an oversupply too out of control.

    Also, while having a stash is great, you'll (hopefully) be able to pump while away from your baby, even on the 30 hour shifts so you shouldnt "need" too much.

    Also, you didn't ask me about this, but if possible I would strongly recommend seeing if you could get baby to work for a nursing session on your 30 hour shifts. Pumping 8 times while you are away from your baby is kind of a bummer, and even one session where you can hold your baby and just nurse is so so wonderful. When I was working 30 hour shifts, my husband brought our older DS and it was a great motivator to keep pumping even when I was totally tired of it.

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