My 1 year old has been getting a bottle (expressed breast milk) 1 full day/night per week, plus another one or two throughout the week. This is necessary due to childcare. He started at four days and through two weeks ago has never cared if he got a bottle or the breast. He would even take a bottle from me on occasion.

Suddenly, two weeks ago, he refuses bottles about half the time. This is a problem from a childcare point of view. Especially since I still nurse him 1x in the middle of the night, and the one night he stays at my mom's he refuses to take the bottle but won't go back to sleep either.

Tonight I couldn't be home at bedtime but he refused the bottle from my husband, and stayed awake shrieking until I got home.

Any advice? I have no plans to wean, but it's really vital that he gets at least his bedtime and mid-night milk when I can't be around. I suppose during the day he can make do with solids since it's just 1 day a week that I'm gone all day.