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Thread: Bleb or blister

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    I have read a few times on here about a milk bleb or milk blister, but I can't find the info at the moment. I am wondering if I have one. For 3 weeks or so I've been in pain when baby nurses, and I've been blaming her - taking her off because I thought she was biting me, saying "NO" etc. But now I find this little white/clear thing about the size of a big pimple, and it KILLS if I even just gently squeeze it - there's no way I could pop it, if that's what you're supposed to do. What are you supposed to do about these? It's really making me dread nursing a bit

    I also feel bad if I was blaming her and it wasn't her fault!! I thought it was her latch getting bad due to teething. But is bad latch what causes these things?


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    if that is what it is, i would normally use a sterile pin to lance it, then i would gently squeeze it to drain. then i would get warm water over it, and have baby nurse (even if there is a little blood) or pump a little to relieve. if you don't, it can lead to a plugged duct. you GENTLY lance it, just a little prick. go too deep, and you hit what shouldn't be hit. OUCH.
    they are caused by friction, just like any blister on your body. if there is poor latch, her tongue may be running across a poor spot on the nipple, causing skin to cover what shouldn't be covered.
    i have never had one for longer than a few days, so i'm not sure if they can last as long as what you are experiencing.
    they do hurt like the dickens, but after you lance and drain it, you will feel relief! oh, and sometimes i would ice the area first, so i wouldn't feel it as much!

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    Sterile needle is how I always dealt with blebs. And I always ended up with blebs when my kids were teething.

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