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Thread: Flow preference issues after supplementing for weight gain

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    Default Flow preference issues after supplementing for weight gain

    Long story short, we had low weight gain due to tongue tie, low supply and poor milk transfer. We started supplementing with an SNS but eventually went to the bottle on the recommendation of our IBCLC so we could get his weight up quickly and it was easier for DH to feed him while I was pumping.

    Now 6 weeks later, weight gain has been great, supply is up and nursing has been improving, but I think we are dealing with some flow preference due to bottle use. We'd like to start weaning the supplement (95% EBM, 5% formula) but he often gets fussy at the breast and refuses to eat when I know there is a lot of milk left in my breasts.

    Suggestions on getting back to the breast? I have read the kellymom article on back to breast, but am wondering if anyone has other suggestions or positive experiences? Should we try to go back to the SNS to get him nursing longer at the breast?

    ETA: Sorry, I should have mentioned that my DS is 15 weeks old.
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    Default Re: Flow preference issues after supplementing for weight ga

    My suggestion from personal experience is to not let some fussyness and crying at the breast stop you from trying. I have figured out in my little laboratory of one baby (mine-now 5 months) that some babies cry and fuss prior to nursing or while nursing JUST BECAUSE. She has never had a bottle, but if she had, I am sure I would be thinking her behavior was due to having a bottle. She is calm but cueing, then she starts fussing and even really crying once I take out my breast! Now, I know, because she is my third baby and I have also known a lot of babies, and basically talk to other mothers about babies and breastfeeding on a daily basis, that there is no way the sight of my breast is actually upsetting her. My guess is, she is just so anxious to nurse the only way she can deal with the emotion of it is by fussing and crying. But I have had others who witnessed this behavior say things like "Oh she does not want any" or “Well, she’s had enough of THAT” or whatever. NO. But I do have to sooth her and calm her by petting her, talking to her-basically, encouraging her, and by not freaking out and thinking she is rejecting me or not interested etc. if she pops off and on, cries, etc, until she gets that latch the way she likes it, gets in a comfy position ( Sometimes I have to rearrange us both quite a bit-and always some form of laid back is her preference) and then she can get the milk flowing and can finally settle in.

    PS this behavior started right when she was about your baby's age-so, perhaps another example of the 4 month fussies!

    I don’t see any harm in using the sns, except of course the pain in the neck of it. But eventually you will have to get up the confidence to just nurse at the breast again. Coming off of supplementing I think the mom regaining her confidence in her ability to nourish her baby at the breast is often the hardest yet most important step.

    he often gets fussy at the breast and refuses to eat when I know there is a lot of milk left in my breasts.
    Are you concerned about baby 'emptying' your breasts? I suggest-don’t be. There is always some milk as your body is always producing. If your concern is keeoing up a good production, just nurse again soon. Frequent, effective milk removal is generally considered much more important for ongoing milk production than 'emptying' the breast.

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