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Thread: Pregnancy 3 mo pp

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    I don't know if I am pregnant (I've got another week before I can test), but I'm freaking out. We dtd twice and I have a sneaking suspicion that I may have ovulated.

    My son is 3 months (almost 4) and I'm still nursing around the clock. I've never supplemented, he nurses for comfort and I haven't menstruated yet. Am I being paranoid? I'm usually so good about "knowing" my body, but the postpartum period is so weird... And I wouldn't be SO worried, but when I checked, I apparently started menstruating regularly with my first at 3 mo pp; does the time between birth and the start of menses stay about the same for each women from pregnancy to pregnancy?

    Ohhhhhh.... This week wait is going to drive me insane!

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    This may be a stupid question, but if you haven't had a period yet, how do you know you need to wait another week before testing? I'm asking in all seriousness!

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    I'm guessing she's basing it on the timing of when they DTD.

    It was the same for me- 6 mos with both kids. But it's not the same for everyone. There are so many hormonal shifts going on those first few months. Yes, it is possible you could have ovulated and gotten pregnant. But I wouldn't go by any of the usual signs your body would give. Try not to stress too much the next week (I know, easier said than done). It won't help and it could affect your nursing patterns now.
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