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Thread: When to feed?

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    Default When to feed?

    I know babies will normally feed every 2-3 hours (more or less). If the baby is a sleepy type and needs to be woken up do you count from when the last feeding ended or from when you began?

    That is, if the last feeding started at 1pm do you feed again by at least 4pm?
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    I'm pretty sure that feedings are measured from the start of each feeding, but I don't have a source in front of me right now.

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    LLL says the baby should go to the breast 8-12 times per 24 hours. For some babies this means every 2-3 hours. Other babies will cluster nurse at one part of the day and sleep longer stretches at another time. There's no need to "schedule" feedings or wake the baby to feed unless the baby isn't getting enough to eat or isn't coming to the breast often enough.

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