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Thread: normal or should i be worried

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    Yesterday I was talking to my mom about nursing my son until he wishes to stop. She said she thinks it might be soon because he only cares to nurse 5 mins on each breast. I told her he has been doing this since he was about 5 months and hes now 11 month. He does nurse longer at night and we nurse 5 to 6 times from 8 pm to 6 am. In the day time he nurses on demand he likes to nurse before and after his naps and before and after meals some days it feels like hes nursing every hour. I guess I am scared of him wanting to stop soon because I really am not ready I enjoy our time together. Even the lack of sleep doesn't bug me because Its the only time he holds still to nurse. In the day time he is none stop moving as we nurse.

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    I would not worry that he stops soon. Some get out lots in 5 minutes! It sounds like you are on a good nursing relationship and happy to give him all he needs, good on you. no need to worry, my boy is now 4 years and 2 months and there was lots of change in amount and frequency during the years.

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    Don't worry. By the time most kids are a few months old, 5 minutes is all they need in order to get a full feeding. Not only are older babies efficient feeders, but they are also busy little people. They zoom in for a nursing session, and then it's back to playing!

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    Thanks I guess I just had a short panic attack. My mom is comparing how I nursed compared to how I was. I kind of panicked because I am so not ready for us to stop most of all since he is really enthusiastic about nursing. Like you said mommal he zooms in nurses and than is off to play. We nurse sometimes what seems like every hour sp ot never crossed my mind until mom said something.

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