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Thread: Can't go on like this - I need to sleep!

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    to PP. I'm so sorry that you are exhausted! It can seem like switching to formula will make things easier, but the likelihood is that it will just make you more mad that every 2 hours you need to make a bottle! If you think teething may be the culprit you could try a dose of tylenol before bed and see what happens! That may give you some insight into whether or not shes really in pain or if she's just waking to eat/snuggle. Thing will definitely get better, and we'll be here to support you until they do!

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    It's a very small thing, but I just don't look at the clock in the night. I used to cover it with a towel and now we just don't have one in the bedroom. I'm happier if I don't keep calculating exactly how long it's been, and how much sleep I'm (not) getting. I tend to have anxiety over sleep and the lack of it, so for me I have to work on the feelings about sleep as well as the sleep itself. The tireder I get, the more I feel like I will never ever be rested again. When I find myself telling the story of how tired I am again in my head, I have to consciously switch to other thoughts. I sing a song, recite a poem, or do whatever I can to interrupt the endless loop of telling myself that I'm tired.

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    I'm in the same boat. My 7 month old will not eat unless he's sleepy. I nurse him through naps to try to get as many daytime calories in as possible, but he still wakes 3-6 times a night. I don't think mine is teething either. I could be wrong, but he just got his first in and is not behaving the way he did with that one.
    When he wakes, he only wants me. If daddy goes in, screams will follow.
    I try napping with him, but find I can rarely fall asleep in the position it takes to keep him latched. We have started co-sleeping and while it has helped a bit, I still wake fully every time he nurses and then struggle to get into a comfortable position. I guess I'm not a great sleeper myself!
    So you have my 100% understanding and sympathy, but as others have said, I think we just have to tough it out. I tried dosing him with formula the other night out of absolute desperation and it made no difference at all. I'm trying to be relaxed about it, but my husband is about to go out of town for 8 days and I'm really anxious about being on my own that long with no sleep and no breaks.

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