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Thread: Nursing a toddler through pregnancy

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    Hi ladies,

    Hoping to get some help here. I am 19 weeks pregnant and also have a 2 year old who still loves his "milk time". We nurse in the morning, before and after nap (and somewhat to sleep) and at bedtime (again, somewhat to help sleep). I have always had a low milk supply and I am quite certain there really is no milk at this stage but he still wants to chomp away - I say that because it is getting really painful. I know he really isn't ready to wean and I'm facing a couple problems:

    1) Like I said it's getting quite painful and I am also getting frustrated with his need for nursing to sleep - he used to fall asleep quite well on his own but due to an overseas trip for most of the summer and my not wanting him to cry he's sort of reverted back to needing a lot of cuddling/nursing time to fall asleep or fall mostly asleep. When we nurse before nap/bedtime he spends a lot of time squirming around, sometimes hitting a bit too much on my pregnant belly and digging in my belly button which I imagine will also be more painful quite soon. I do'nt mind the morning or bedtime (pre-story) nursing or even another session during the day - I'm mostly getting frustrated with being a punching bag of sorts at naptime.

    2) Because of my low milk supply I had to take herbs with my son for the first few months (he gained a LOT of weight that way). I am nervous that with this next child I may have to do the same and I want to make sure the baby gets what he/she needs and not worry about what is going to baby v. toddler. I also don't want my toddler to get too much milk and therefore disrupt his really good eating habits in general or allow him to gain too much weight. I know people say to nurse the baby first but I would still be worried about this scenario. Also, if I do wean my toddler before next baby comes (in January) will he want to go back to it if he sees me nursing the newborn?

    Sorry to go on so long - just thinking about these 2 problems. I really planned on letting my son wean whenever he was ready but I'm really just worried about how it will impact child #2.


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    Default Re: Nursing a toddler through pregnancy

    Nursing while pregnant is a very personal decision, and you need to do what is best for you and your baby. Nursing to sleep was particularly painful while pregnant. I think it was the combination of the hormones of pregnancy mixed with my toddlers desire to want that milk to help him fall asleep. He would do the same things with the added benefit of tugging with his mouth on my breast while trying to get milk out. For mine it seemed like way to much stress to encourage weaning at that point and at least I got to lay down and "rest" while nursing so we continued. During a different pregnancy nap time/bed time were also painful. Don't tell anyone, but I actually used tv at nap time, nursing was so painful. I remember telling her she could snuggle up with me in my bed and watch a tv show to rest. It gave us both a break. If you can find some quiet activity now that he starts to associate with resting/nap time that could help for later. Or even putting him in his room to play quietly with a timer and hope he falls asleep, or at least you've gotten 15 mins

    I've never experienced low milk supply so I can't be of much help on that, sorry. I didn't always follow the nurse the baby first. In fact the nurse I had told me that was only important the first few days before your milk comes in. And she also said a toddler nursing can help establish supply, because they already know how to nurse.

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