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Thread: Wanting number 2, but period hasn't returned yet

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    Default Wanting number 2, but period hasn't returned yet

    Hi all

    My LO is 12 months, and I haven't had a period yet. Really this wouldn't be a problem, other than I am hoping to become pregnant again within the next few months.

    I am not ready to wean my DD. She still nurses regularly and doesn't eat a lot of solids. We co-sleep and she nurses frequently at night, which I am sure is contributing to my period not returning. I am hoping to nurse her, provided she wants to, through my pregnancy. I am open to tandem nursing.

    Just wondering what others have done to encourage the return of their period? Or whether, considering my DD is still nursing and needing breastmilk so much, I should be considering another pregnancy yet?

    Any and all advice and suggestions are welcome.


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    Default Re: Wanting number 2, but period hasn't returned yet

    Okay, here's my story Morning Glory..............I gave birth to my daughter in August '11; went on the minipill, took that religiously until Feb. when a huge snow storm came through my area shutting us down for about two months; took a preg test, urine, came back negative but I felt pregnant; I went to my neurologist (I have epilepsy) for bloodwork and my alkaline phosphotates were elevated, didn't order a pregnancy test like a dummy, but I knew that meant I was preggers. Fast forward to now, I think I'm due next September. There, it can happen even if you don't have a period. Period Good luck. Oh, and your little one will start to act weird; my dd was cranky at first, now she rubs my tummy Good luck. EAT.
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    Default Re: Wanting number 2, but period hasn't returned yet

    I found my periods always return when LO sleeps through the night. So any 6 hour stretch consistently brought back my fertility. If you are serious about wanting #2 NOW then maybe night weaning is for you, but keep in mind that it could affect your supply.

    ETA: 6 hour stretch at night (sleeping through the night). As LLLMeg says below, not sure if during the day would have the same effect.
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    Default Re: Wanting number 2, but period hasn't returned yet

    Ovulation and thus pregnancy certainly can happen prior to a period, always a good reminder!

    I have talked to many moms who are experiencing this and anxious for their fertility to return. First know it is entirely normal to not have a period for a long time post partum. But typically, nursing mothers will see periods return sometime between 6 and 18 months. Some go right to a regular schedule almost immediately, and some see some irregularity at first. But this delay in fertility is nature’s way of creating a biologically healthy distance between siblings, and does not mean the mother will have any issues conceiving once she starts ovulating again.

    Is there a particular reason you want to get pregnant again this soon? (None of my business, I am just wondering.) Child spacing is obviously a very personal decision, but when moms ask me about it, I suggest they think about the realities of being pregnant and caring for a newborn when their older child is a toddler, and thus, still pretty much a walking/running baby, requiring constant supervision and at an age they still typically need a good deal of both physical and emotional attachment with their moms.

    8 years ago when I faced this dilemma of wanting to 'hurry nature along' I was told that a 6 hour stretch of not nursing at night, specifically, might hurry the return of my fertility. So we did this with my then 17 month old, although it was a pretty painful process for everyone, and my period did come back in about a month. But might it have anyway? It's entirely possible.

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