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Thread: 7 wk refusing breast. tired? acid? NP? growth spurt? Help!

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    Default 7 wk refusing breast. tired? acid? NP? growth spurt? Help!

    My 7 week old baby suddenly refuses my breast and I am driving myself bonkers trying to figure out why and would love your thoughts on why this could be. here is some info (apologies for the list format but may be easier to read my thoughts)

    1. My LO was a great nurser at birth, strong latch
    2. During her 2-3 week, i exclusively fed her during the day from my breasts and had to feed her pumped milk during the evening due to my breast pain/bleeding on my left side that would just not heal
    3. my left breast has an oversupply and seems to be too much for LO to latch onto. Most of my breastfeeding challenges is from this breast, I always have to help her latch. the right side is very easy for her.
    4. She has been good to go back and forth the nipple and bottle.
    5. Her weight is great and she is gaining well, wet dirty diapers are great
    6. She spits up a good amount after her feedings but thought it was because she is a slow burper

    A few days ago, she started to refuse my breasts and seems to prefer the bottle. I wonder if it may be nipple preference? But could it happen now when she has been so good at going back and forth to the nipple? I recently was able to feed from the breast exclusively and eliminated the bottles (see point #2). Could this be the reason why she is acting this way? Or am I not producing enough? (I express 4-5oz per session)

    She feeds well from my breasts early in the morning while she is half asleep and during the day with/without some fussiness but she does latch on. Her sucking is not as strong as it was before but I do hear her gulps and swallows. Her diapers seem fuller after those feeds but as the day goes on, her diapers are only slightly wet. And once evening time rolls around, she is screaming, arching her back and hating being put in a nursing position and only wants her milk via bottle.

    She seems to calm down incredibly from the bottle but I am concerned that she may prefer this more and eventually wean herself off. And that thought is heartbreaking to me. Right now, I am using a bottle nipple to entice her to latch and squirting my expressed milk in the corner of her mouth while she is latched on. It has been working but most of the time she is screaming and I cannot seem to calm her down. I have also tried pumping to ease the oversupplied breast and allow her to latch on easier, that seemed to help a little but still fussy.

    She is also eating less and sleeping a lot. I know that some babies tend to do that but I am just wondering if this is something to be concerned about or just ride the wave. Please help!

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    Default Re: 7 wk refusing breast. tired? acid? NP? growth spurt? Hel

    When baby does nurse, is it comfortable for you now? Or are you still having pain or injury

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    Default Re: 7 wk refusing breast. tired? acid? NP? growth spurt? Hel

    No pain majority of the time (thank goodness!) but I do notice now when trying to nurse her now she latches on in a funny angle and causes soreness to my nipples. But prior to this nursing issue, no pain. I did have a milk blister and intense pain when she nursed from the breast but it resolved itself.
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    Default Re: 7 wk refusing breast. tired? acid? NP? growth spurt? Hel

    You post a list of several problems but I think what's the real issue is is that you are bottlefeeding when you don't need to be and yes that is probably causing some flow or nipple confusion. Some babies never develop this but many babies do develop this after being fine with going back and forth for a long period of time.

    If I understand things correctly baby is gaining well on your breast milk alone and it no longer hurts to nurse. I think it is time to stop giving the bottles and get your baby nursing exclusively again. If you begin to have nipple pain again that suggests there is a latch issue which will need to be addressed by fixing the latch. bottles will not fix that issue if anything bottlefeeding makes latch issues worse. Kelly mom.com has a good article on the many ways to encourage a baby who is refusing to nurse. It is called help – my baby won't nurse! It sounds like you are using several good techniques already. Infants have an instinctual need to suckle at the breast. They suckle for food, comfort to help them go to sleep etc this is all normal and healthy. If we give them bottles and/or pacifiers they may learn to take those as substitute for the breast and they may learn to take them instead of the breast that may look like a preference, but is actually just because this is where the baby has been taught to eat and/or to comfort. This can also be untaught. and that is why when this happens it's important to gently encourage and remind baby of their instinctual need to suckle at the breast.

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    Default Re: 7 wk refusing breast. tired? acid? NP? growth spurt? Hel

    Also if forceful letdown is causing some of the breast refusal, Kelly mom has a very good article on forceful letdown and how to take steps to help babies handle the flow.
    As far as your baby being sleepy now how infrequently is baby actually nursing is baby still nursing at least eight times a day? At this age most babies are still nursing a minimum of 8-10 times a day.

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