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Thread: Teething & spazzy nursing behavior

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    Default Teething & spazzy nursing behavior

    LO is 7.5 months and teething again. He had 2 bottoms come in at 3.5 mos, and now has FOUR uppers coming in all at once. Oh yeah, it's been a fun week.

    He's also been nursing really weird. He'll make his hungry noises/give hungry cues, but when I offer, he pushes the breast away and squirms around. He's never done this before, and now it happens like half the time. But then the next time he does nurse he takes both sides and empties me (he never does that either ... he's been a one side at a time frequent snacker type). I'm confused ... is it just the next level of distractibility (he is learning to crawl and always wants to be on the go)? do babies randomly change nursing habits with age? or could it be related to the teething since it coincided exactly with these four teeth?

    Also, sleep is crappier than usual, no surprises there -- waking every 30-90 mins. We are giving him motrin before bed but it's not making a difference. He does nurse at night though (like constantly). Any suggestions? Or just this too shall pass?

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    Default Re: Teething & spazzy nursing behavior

    Omg mines the same age and kind of coming out of the teething portion of that.
    I assumed that it was the 8 month sleep regression coming on early.
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