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Thread: Mastitis killing my supply? Help please!

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    Default Mastitis killing my supply? Help please!

    I have mastitis in my right breast - woke up in the middle of the night two nights ago to major breast pain, then fever and aches/chills set in yesterday afternoon. I started keflex yesterday evening. I can't pinpoint where the plug is, however. It must be deep in the breast. Anyway, I've been nursing as much as possible on that side, using warm packs and pumping some to try to clear anything that's there. My concern is that I haven't noticed a lot of swallowing when she nurses on that side today. I pumped this morning and got 2 ounces, which seemed pretty low for the morning, but she nursed a bunch overnight, so I didnt worry about it. But, Then tonight I pumped for 15 minutes and got almost nothing - not even measurable. I usually respond really well to the pump, so I'm a bit freaked out. Can mastitis completely kill supply?
    I'm freaking out here...

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    Default Re: Mastitis killing my supply? Help please!

    when you have mastisis you are ill, and your supply can suffer, but i would not worry. your body will heal and your supply will come back up. jst take care of yourself and stay well.

    if you are super concerned, simply keep an eye on your lo and watch the diaper output, but it should not be a problem. feel better!

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