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Thread: Fussy Feedings!!

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    My little girl first latches and feeds with a strong suck for about 3 min then she fusses and pulls off and on and off and off and on. I am not sure if I am out of milk and she is still hungry? But I have pumped right after and get up to 3oz. How many ounces should a 3 month old eat?

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    Welcome to the forum! Most breastfed babies take about 2-4 oz at the breast- and that's throughout the first year. If you can get 3 oz after nursing, there's absolutely no reason to worry that you're out of milk- especially when you consider that it's pretty normal for a mom to get less than an oz, or even nothing, when she pumps right after feeding.

    The unlatch/relatch/unlatch behavior is pretty common. It can be caused by teething, or an ear infection, or it can just be a funny phase the baby is going through, or it can be a reaction to a change in flow speed. The last option is probably the most common. Either the baby pulls off because the flow is suddenly too fast for her- as it may be during a fast letdown- or because it has slowed down too much for her liking. The best way to cope with this is to feed on demand, and to not try to "solve" the problem by doing something like pumping and bottlefeeding or pumping your supply up so that the flow will be faster. Just let the baby learn for herself how best to stimulate the flow speed she prefers.

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