So I got my official AF back on 12/10. Prior to it returning I had about 4-5 days of a supply dip and baby was fussier at breast anfd refusing breast. I started pumping again before bed and things started to get better once my period came and was pumping more.

So I thought...Ok I go big deal its just AF....ha ha.

Well, my supply then started dipping again but it seemed more this time, 4-5 days before new years. my work schedule was also different that week and week of xmas since as a nurse i work holidays I thought maybe that was why....b/c I wasnt "due" for another AF until closer to Jan 1st.

Well, new years eve late at night, I started bleeding again, but by the next day, it was still just brown light red spotting, not a heavy flow, so I just thought breakthrough bleeding.

When my supply took a dive at this time, I started power pumping on nights in home [which is 5 nights a week]. I work 2 nights each week 12 hr over night shifts and pump while at work too.

The power pumping workecd quickly and in 24 hrs my supply seemed better. Ive been power pumping now for over a week, every night im home before I go to bed.

The spotting never stopped, and just now it turned in AF...heavier bleeding. Makes sense AF is coming now which would be closer to my last AF..of 12/10.

I am just looking for ideas on what to do about my supply as I only had about 2 weeks of not having to deal with low supply and its very annoying and quite stressfull that I have to deal with this on an ongoing basis....especially b/c I cant be with DD 24/7 since I work.

With my work schedule it only seems to make things even more difficult/challening.

I feel like my only solution that has worked so far is to power pump every night im home before bed. I know this is going to get very old, very fast.

Do i have to just suck it up and keep power pumping the rest of the time im lactating, at least until past 6 months?

Just not sure what else to do. thanks alot!

ps: DD will be 5 months tomorrow and we have not started solids yet. she sttn for 10-11 hrs and has been since 10 weeks, which im sure is why my period came back so early.