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Thread: Help! Breastfeeding a 2 1/2 year old and going insane!

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    Default Help! Breastfeeding a 2 1/2 year old and going insane!

    I do love nursing my toddler. There are so many great things about it, like when she's not feeling well or when she is upset about something and inconsolable. But my biggest problem is at night. She wants to nurse A LOT from around 3 am on. And then in the morning she is crabby and wants to nurse a lot after we have gotten up and I feel like we've nursed for 4 hours straight. I feel so sleep deprived and have been getting sick more often because of it! We do a sort of compromised co-sleeping situation- I put her to sleep on her bed at night and go to bed with my husband, our rooms are right across the hall in our small bungalow, so I can hear her when she calls me. Sometimes I can get her back to sleep (at around 1 or 2) and she'll sleep for a few more hours, but always in the morning from around 3 to 5 she wants to nurse non-stop! Lately I've been trying to ask her to "wait until the sun comes up" and "only a little and then back to sleep", but the negotiating is exhausting and I usually lose because I JUST want a little more sleep. Sometimes I don't even think that she's drinking milk, I can tell by the way that she's sucking that she's not trying to get milk out. This morning she did drink milk, and that's GREAT! But a lot of times I think she is just sucking lightly for the sake of sucking. I don't know how to deal with this because I think I have an over-tired toddler and it's an endless cycle of crabbiness and more need to nurse! AAAARGH! I'm so sad, too, because I want to be there for her and when I get frustrated I feel horrible. Can anyone relate???

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    Default Re: Help! Breastfeeding a 2 1/2 year old and going insane!

    i go through periods like this with my 22 month old. we had a stretch for about a month where he nursed all night long and i felt like i could not take it. i was getting really agitated. but it did pass and now its so much better.

    maybe other moms have better advice, but all i can say is stick it out, as your dh to take the baby when you are really frustrated.

    when my son is nursing like that i think it could be many things, teeth, growing, just needy.

    if i need to go to work or leave, i do try to distract my son after he has been nursing for a little, maybe with a book or a truck etc.

    i once heard someone say that their morning nursing is like their morning coffee, they dont want to rush it or let it go.

    youre doing great mama.

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