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Thread: Breast feeding only and started my menstrual cycle already!

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    Default Breast feeding only and started my menstrual cycle already!

    So I'm very concerned because I have been exclusively nursing my LO who will be 9 wks Mon, and got my period. I went back to work at 6 weeks and have been pumping and leaving milk with my mother who watches her for me. But last week I had my first period since giving birth. Does this mean my supply will be stopping soon? I'm very concerned. Please advise!

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    Default Re: Breast feeding only and started my menstrual cycle alrea

    Don't worry. Your supply won't vanish simply because you got your period back. Some moms will experience a temporary dip in supply around the time of their periods, but provided they nurse on demand and don't supplement, their supplies jumps right back up after their periods are over. Now, this can make things a little more complicated for a working mom. If you're one of those women who has a dip in supply during menstruation, life is easiest if you're home with your baby because the baby will make up for the temporary supply dip by nursing more frequently and draining the breast more completely- and it's that frequent stimulation which cues the body to bring supply back up. So if you have a dip in supply and if you notice that you're getting less milk at each pump session, it may be necessary for you to pump more frequently during the day in order to get your supply to bounce back. If you can't fit the pump sessions into the workday, you'd have to fit them in during your commute or after feedings when you're home with the baby.

    All that being said, are you sure this is your period? It's early to have it back- I'd have to wonder if it is perhaps a last gasp of your lochia (postpartum discharge) or perhaps related to some form of hormonal contraception (if you're using that).

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    Default Re: Breast feeding only and started my menstrual cycle alrea

    with what mommal said. I had my period back at 13 weeks pp with DS and went on to EBF him for a year. DD was 8 weeks when Aunt Flo returned and she's still nursing at almost a year! Just make sure you are using some kind of birth control because an unexpected pregnancy will stop your supply!
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    Default Re: Breast feeding only and started my menstrual cycle alrea

    If it is your period, it could just be the way you are and no problem, or it could be an indication that nursing could be happening a bit more frequently. Getting your fertility back should not cause a supply issue, but not nursing frequently enough, and/or, sceduling nursing sessions and/or baby taking long sleep stretches could possibly cause production issues over time. Are you able to pump about every three hours at work? Is baby being fed by your mom in a breastfeeding supportive way?

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