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Thread: My supply is dissappearing, Please help!

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    Exclamation My supply is dissappearing, Please help!

    I was recently sick with a stomach bug with a fever and diarrhea and became dehydrated for more than 24 hours. Its been 3 days since then and for the past two days I have been drinking as much water and fluids as possible and eating every two hours at least trying to get my supply back. I have been pumping after every nursing session to try to tell my body to make more milk. Every Nursing session my son (3 month) cries because he isn't getting enough from my breast. He still has enough wet diapers though not as many as he had before i was sick. and seems to be content between feedings however i don't know how much longer i can watch him struggle at my breast. It is killing me, nursing was so enjoyable and full of smiles before i got this bug and now he cries every time. I don't know what else i can do to get my milk back. Does anyone have any suggestions? I don't want to fail and have to start formula i wanted to Breast feed to at least a year.

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    Welcome to the forum! I'm sorry you were sick. Tummy bugs are no fun, and they can definitely sink your supply. The good news is that the problem is temporary, provided you don't give in to supplementing and continue to nurse on demand. The more often and more completely the baby empties the breast, the faster your supply is going to bounce back to where it should be.

    There are several things that could be complicating the picture here. The first is that at around 3 months there's a huge growth spurt, during which babies eat more often and act fussier. The second is teething- at 3 months, many babies have started to teethe and that makes them fussier than average. The third is that by 3 months, many moms find that their milk supplies adjust to meet the baby's needs very precisely, without a lot of extra being made to make them feel full or to cause rapid milk flow. When this adjustment occurs- and it often occurs very rapidly when a mom is sick- the baby will often act fussy at the breast he adjusts to the new flow speed.

    Just nurse, nurse, nurse, nurse, and don't worry. As long baby has adequate wet diapers, he's getting enough and it's only going to be a matter of time before he's his happy self again.

    ETA: Are you sure the baby isn't sick? The fussiness could be caused by an upset tummy, if he's coming down with the same thing you had.

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