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    Hello, so my DD is 8 wks old going on 9 wks and has been sleeping 5/6 hrs a clip through the night. Last night she slept for almost 8 hrs. Btw, my mother said she barely slept during the day so thats prob why. I did not wake up myself due to Exhaustion for I am back at work. (Full time teacher) I am pumping while at work when I'm apart from her. But am afraid that my milk supply will decrease due to her sleeping longer. What advice can you give me? I'm nervous!

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    My LO started sleeping through the night from about 8 weeks until about 16 weeks (sorry, there will be an end to this!). I got up to pump 1x or 2x a night. I think I usually waited until 4 a.m. or something, because if she wasn't up by then she normally would stay asleep until morning. My LO nursed a lot during the day -- every 1-1.5 hours around that time, and then did some cluster feeding right before bed, so I generally felt like 1x was enough. Once I went back to work I stopped getting up to pump, but as she gradually phased out her long sleeping around that time, it didn't matter anymore!
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    with the PP's advice. If you were staying home with your baby, I'd say "Relax, your baby will make up for the missed nighttime feedings by nursing more during the day." But you're back to work, in one of the professions where finding time to pump can be most challenging- seriously, it's always the teachers and the nurses who seem to have the most difficulty- so I'd continue to get up at least 1x per night, and either wake the baby to nurse or haul out the pump.

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