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    My LO is 7 mo and has had her two bottom teeth since 5 mo. She had bitten me twice when she first cut her teeth, then not again until recently. In the past week, I have been bitten several times. I have tried ending the session, which is what had helped at 5 months. It doesn't seem to happen at any particular time, happening both at the beginning and end of sessions. When she is wide awake, as well as drifting to sleep. Yesterday, she even smiled up at me after biting me, then screamed when I didn't allow her to continue. I really need some tips! We have overcome tongue tie, thrush, low supply, and are otherwise doing great. I really don't want my fear of her little teeth to be the end of nursing for us.

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    First of all, a big to you! Biting is no fun!

    The way to handle this is the same as you did at 5 months: when she bites, immediately take her off the breast, say "No biting, hurts mama!" or something similar, put her down, and walk away. It may take multiple repetitions for yur LO to figure out that biting always results in the end of fun nursing time, but she will eventually realize that nipping you is totally counterproductive.

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